Responsive Design: It’s Not Just For Handhelds Anymore

Responsive Design: It’s Not Just For Handhelds Anymore

As we roll into 2013, our world of web design and development is changing more rapidly than ever before.
For web creators everywhere, living and working on the bleeding edge of design innovation is as exciting as ever.

To kick off the new year, now seems like a good time to highlight the important trends and developments in the world of design and dev during 2013. Without further ado, here’s what you need to know about web design for the year to come.

Responsive web design has been around for several years now, but it really came alive in 2012, and we’ve seen more widespread adoption of this adaptive, fluid approach to designing web layouts.

Since you’re on the site, you may have noticed that Mashable recently launched a major website redesign, which takes full advantage of responsive design. Several other popular news media companies, including TIME and USA Today, are also taking advantage of the feature, which helps to neatly distribute content across a wide variety of devices, from desktop computer to smartphone and everything in beween.

It’s not just news outlets that have taken a responsive approach. In the ever-popular WordPress market, nearly all newly released themes come fully mobile-optimized, bearing the mark “responsive” on their download pages.

In 2013, it’s obvious that we’ll continue to see responsive web design flourish. It won’t only be about folding down the design from desktop to tablet to handheld. We will also need to plan for how websites will expand upward, adapting to larger and different types of displays.

Whether or not Apple actually releases a TV set in 2013, you can bet large-screen web browsing will become a more popular activity in the living room and corporate boardroom, on the digital menuboard in the local cafe and elsewhere. Websites must be ready when they’re called upon in these large-format scenerios.

And don’t forget about advancements to web-enabled dashboards in cars. We’ve heard about the possibility of Siri coming to an automobile near you, as well as Windows 8 embedded in cars. Websites and apps may soon need to be optimized for these formats, too.

Source: Mashable

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